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鼓法 Methodology

  • 1 小
  • 價格另議
  • 地點於聯絡後提供


Drum lessons are conducted in my fully-equipped and good sounding studio which is just 3 minutes’ walk from Jordan MTR station. In this quiet and comfortable facility, I conduct one-on-one tutoring in the basics of drum playing, starting with basic rhythm structures – learning coordination and sound, to understanding the different music styles, be it pop, J-Pop, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Reggae or Latin, etc. 課程全部以一對一的形式在音響設備完善的獨立練習室進行(從佐敦港鐵站步行往練習室只需三分鐘)。課程深入淺出,從最基本的節奏結構,學習如何協調運用雙手和雙腳,到認識不同類型音樂的特性,如中﹑英﹑美﹑日流行樂﹑搖滾﹑Funk﹑爵士樂﹑Reggae﹑拉丁音樂等。 After 10 lessons, students are able to play simple grooves and fills. After 15 lessons, they can drum along with some cool songs. Before too long, they will be competent enough to be able to participate in jamming sessions with other musicians. How far they get and how many music styles they learn is purely up to each individual, and their passion and interest. Most of all, they will have a lot of fun. 完成十節課,再配合額外練習,你可以跟隨伴奏音樂玩奏簡單的節拍及過門;完成十五節課,更可以玩奏悅耳的歌曲。只要努力付出和認真用心學習,與幾位音樂發燒友jam歌時,也可以應付自如,真正享受玩奏音樂的樂趣。


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